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DJI's Revolutionary Avinox Drive System Wins Eurobike Award 2024

2024/7/4 20:16:08

Delivering Unrivaled Power on the Trails with newly Launched Electric Mountain Bike Brand Amflow

FRANKFURT, Germany, July 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- DJI, the global leader in civilian drones and innovative camera technology, unveiled at Eurobike 2024 the Avinox Drive System, a groundbreaking e-bike drive system poised to redefine the electric mountain bike (eMTB) experience. The Avinox system, making its debut at Eurobike 2024 and honored by the Eurobike 2024 jury with the "Winner" award in the category of Components, is another milestone of DJI's renowned technological advancement, offering riders unparalleled power, endurance and intelligent features.

DJI's Revolutionary Avinox Drive System Wins Eurobike Award 2024
DJI's Revolutionary Avinox Drive System Wins Eurobike Award 2024

"The DJI Avinox Drive System sets new standards in the E-MTB world, impressing with its performance and innovative integration of individual components. Featuring 105 Nm of torque and an 800 Wh battery, it is perfectly suited for demanding rides. Its lightweight construction and advanced features such as multiple sensors, continuous coupling, six motion modes, LTE connectivity, OLED touchscreen, and GPS for ride logs ensure impressive performance.

Smart assistance and ride personalisation via an app make the system a serious contender against established E-motor systems, establishing DJI Technology as a manufacturer that excels through innovation and quality," said Eurobike Award Jury 2024.

The Eurobike Awards are among the most prestigious awards in the cycling industry, recognizing innovation, design, and functionality in the bicycle and future mobility sectors. The awards are judged by an independent panel of experts from the bike, mobility, and design sectors, ensuring a high level of expertise and credibility in the selection process.

The jury for the 2024 awards included notable figures such as Sabine Spitz, a former Olympic and World Champion mountain biker, and Professor Dr.-Ing. Jörg Hübler, an expert in intelligent machine systems. The diverse backgrounds and expertise of the jury members ensure a comprehensive evaluation of the nominated products.

"Winning the Eurobike Award in the Best Components category is a significant achievement for DJI as we launch our very first product within the bike industry. It not only validates the technological prowess of the Avinox Drive System but also solidifies DJI's vision of bringing innovation to the e-bike market. The award serves as a demonstration to the company's commitment to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in cycling technology," said Christina Zhang, Senior Director of Corporate Strategy at DJI.

The Avinox Drive System debuts at Eurobike 2024 with the all-new Amflow PL, the world's first all-around electric mountain bike to feature this revolutionary technology. The Amflow PL, with its lightweight design and powerful performance, further exemplifies the potential of the Avinox system to redefine eMTB capabilities.

Unmatched Power and Precision

At the heart of the Avinox Drive System is a compact, high-torque drive unit that weighs merely 2.52 kg[1] yet delivers an impressive 105 N•m of torque[1]. This lightweight powerhouse ensures riders have the power they need to conquer even the most challenging terrains. The system's innovative compound planetary gearset and high-performance polymer gears contribute to its exceptional balance of size, weight, and power output, while also ensuring a remarkably quiet ride.

Intelligent Assistance for Every Ride

Avinox features DJI's Smart-Assist Algorithm, which leverages multi-sensor fusion to automatically and continuously adjust assistance based on riding resistance. Riders can also choose from four standard riding assist modes – Auto, Eco, Trail, and Turbo – or activate Boost mode for an extra surge of power when needed. Designed for broad adaptability and long-range use, the Auto mode utilizes multi-sensor fusion to automatically and continuously adjust assistance based on riding resistance. The Avinox app allows for further customization of assist levels and parameters, ensuring a personalized riding experience. 

Extended Range and Rapid Charging

The Avinox system offers two lightweight, high-energy density battery options – 600Wh and 800Wh – providing ample range for extended adventures. Utilizing GaN 3x fast charging[1] technology, the 800Wh battery can be charged from 0% to 75% charge[1] in just 1.5 hours[1].

Seamless Connectivity and Enhanced Safety with Avinox App

Avinox boasts a 2-inch OLED full-color control built-in touchscreen display that serves as the interactive hub of the system. Riders can connect their smartphones via the Avinox app to access a range of smart features, including bike security, data recording and sharing, assist parameter adjustments, and real-time bike status checking. The system also includes innovative dual Wireless Controllers with Bluetooth connectivity for added convenience and a clutter-free handlebar setup.

Amflow PL: World's First All-Around Electric Assist Mountain Bike Equipped with DJI Avinox 

The Amflow PL is the world's first all-around electric mountain bike equipped with the DJI Avinox e-bike drive system. It boasts a super light-weight, yet surpasses full-power bikes in terms of power output and range. The integrated DJI Avinox electric power assist system leverages DJI's cutting-edge technologies in both software and hardware design, offering 850 W of peak power (250 W nominal power) in an ultra-light body of 19.2kg[1]. By achieving an unmatched combination of power, range and performance, the Amflow PL powered by DJI Avinox aims to revolutionize the electric mountain bike riding experience.


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Certified Quality and Global Support

The Avinox Drive System's components have been rigorously tested and certified by authoritative organizations such as TÜV SÜD, TÜV Rheinland, and UL Solutions[1]. DJI's global network of over 20 service centers ensures that riders have access to timely and professional support.

[1] All data was tested in controlled conditions. Actual experience may vary. For more details, please refer to the product page on the official DJI website.

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